(Note: this book is no longer in print. The following reviews and comments make me wonder why.)

• “Philip Fradkin not only documents ‘envirohistory,’ he sometimes predicts the future. Perhaps this Cassandra should be listened to more carefully from now on. . . . What the West needs more of is Philip Fradkin’s style of writing: Grounded in fact and history, imbued with both human understanding and a calling to a cause, and willingness to stand back and let a good story tell itself, vividly and enduringly. Dayton Duncan, author of books that accompany Ken Burns documentaries about the West and national parks..

• “The pieces offer a sobering, articulate view of specific environmental concerns in the West, most of which——as shown by an updating epilogue——have not improved in the interim. . . . At times, the prescience of Fradkin’s observations is stunning.” Kirkus Reviews.

• “Philip Fradkin’s essays form a scintillating mosaic of some of the remotest, most ravaged and most wondrous corners of North America. . . . Most important of all, they remain, almost without exception, remarkably relevant. I marveled at the prescience of Fradkin’s coverage of issues.” Los Angeles Times Book Review.

• “Fradkin has served up a journalistic feast that is both enjoyable and relevant, touching on issues as important today as they were two decades ago.” San Francisco Chronicle Book Review.

• “Philip Fradkin is much more than a first-rate journalist and writer. He is Trickster exposing the lies and assumptions of our culture with a fierce intellect, while at the same time creating a tenderness of heart toward all that is beautiful and just. His language is hard-edged, authentic, and clear. Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist celebrates Mr. Fradkin’s literary career as one of this country’s most astute critics and observers.” Terry Tempest Williams, author of "Refuge."

• “Genuinely a foundation for the New Western History, Philip Fradkin’s work is full of foresight, good sense, and an understanding of the ties between social and environmental dilemmas. Taking Fradkin’s writing seriously is an important step in figuring out the American West today.” Patricia Nelson Limerick, author of "The Legacy of Conquest."

• “Fradkin’s engaging style and insights into ongoing issues——the ‘alienation’ of Native Americans from their lands, overcrowding in the West, the constant threat of fire in California——make this a rewarding collection for concerned readers.” Publishers Weekly.

• “When you’re right, you’re right, and when Philip Fradkin worked for the Los Angeles Times as that paper’s first environmental reporter from 1970-1975, and for Audubon from 1976-1981 as its first western editor, he often batted 1,000.” High Country News.

• “Because Fradkin focused on events of long-range significance, his articles retain their original interest. Good nature writers survive on their strengths as historians or scientists as much as with their fine writing craft.” Alaska magazine.

Backstories of Earlier Works

The definitive life of the West's outstanding writer, teacher of writers, and conservationist.
The use and abuse of the West's lifeblood, water.
Radioactive fallout from the Nevada Test Site caused innocent people to die.
How landscape has determined the history and destiny of California
Giant waves, five hundred feet higher than the Empire State Building, sweep a remote Alaska Bay.

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